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Million-Euro investment in the Liebenfels site (part 1)
    Liebenfels, 18 May, 2022 (APA/OTS) - Energetica Industries becomes a Green Energy Hotspot - IRMA Power, part of the IRMA Investments Group, has big plans after the successful rescue of Energetica Industries GmbH. The creation of new jobs, the establishment of a training workshop and the development of a Green Energy Competence Center are just some of the very concrete goals of the new owner.

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After a positive conclusion of the creditor proceedings characterized by a very constructive spirit, the new owner of Energetica Industries GmbH today presented the very concrete site plans. "It is our clear goal to further expand the Liebenfels site and the associated jobs, to train apprentices and to set up a photovoltaic competence center. Energetica Industries GmbH fits perfectly into the portfolio of IRMA Power GmbH, whose clear focus is on renewable energy," says Martin Kurschel, owner of the IRMA Investments Group and thus also of IRMA Power GmbH, about his vision. "Our aim as a group of companies is to develop affordable solutions for the major challenges of housing, energy, the environment, health and nutrition. We clearly focus our thoughts and actions on recognizing the right potential, seizing opportunities and realizing innovations. Our society is facing a sustainable transformation. And we will help shape them. That is why, with the still relatively young subsidiary IRMA Power GmbH, we are focusing on climate-friendly energy generation and its storage," says Kurschel.

The market town of Liebenfels is very pleased with the plans and the high investment of IRMA Power in the location. "We, the market town of Liebenfels, are very happy about the new owner and her goal of expanding the location and the associated jobs into a competence center for photovoltaics. We wish IRMA Power and Energetica Industries GmbH great economic success at the Liebenfels site and fully express our support," said Mayor Klaus Köchl.

Rene Battistutti, founder of Energetica Industries GmbH, and production manager Johannes Eberhard are confident. "The core team has mastered the operational challenges of the last 7 months very well thanks to their flexibility and commitment. We are pleased about the continuation of Energetica and about securing jobs and look positively to the future together, "said Eberhard.

"We want to become a competence center for green energy," explains Erwin Toplak, Managing Director of IRMA Power GmbH since summer 2021. "My highly motivated team of top experts and I have one goal in common: to develop innovative solutions in the field of green energy with which we can meet future demands and needs in terms of energy generation today. Pursuing this vision, I am particularly pleased that with Energetica Industries GmbH we can integrate a company with many highly qualified employees and with enormous potential into IRMA Power GmbH," says Toplak. "In the short term, the aim is to consolidate and stabilize finances and production, to optimize processes and to set up another production line quite quickly. In the medium term, we plan to build our own power supply using fuel cells in combination with photovoltaic. We also have in mind the combination of fuel cells with biogas. In order to be able to create a relevant offer, we will use innovative storage technologies. In the longer term, further production lines and the production of hydrogen are on the agenda. To be able to realize all this, we count on the competence of the employees. We want to create more jobs and impart competence at the location. Specifically, we will create apprenticeships and invest massively in the training and further education of our team to develop a competence center "Green Energy" at the site." (continues)

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Million-Euro investment in the Liebenfels site (part 2)
    Liebenfels, 18 May, 2022 (APA/OTS) -

About IRMA Investments
IRMA Investments is an internationally active, owner-managed corporate network of future-oriented companies in the fields of real estate, finance, technology and industry founded in Vienna in 2016 by Martin Kurschel. A trained mechanical engineer and operating technician, he has successfully dedicated himself to the real estate industry and investing in future-oriented solutions for over twenty years.  As a financing body, IRMA Investments forms both the umbrella and the center of all business sectors whose mission is to develop affordable solutions for the major challenges of housing, energy, the environment, health and nutrition. The areas of activity clearly align their thinking and actions with recognizing potential, seizing opportunities and realizing innovations.

About IRMA Power
Irma Power is a company that has set itself the goal of designing, developing and implementing holistic solutions in the field of "Green Energy". In addition to photovoltaic technology, this also includes solar thermal energy, fuel cells, storage technologies, waste-to-energy processing, hydrogen solutions, as well as cross-technology energy management to produce available energy in the most environmentally friendly way possible and to use it most efficiently. Irma Power sees itself as a provider of holistic technical energy solutions and green energy in Europe.

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Irma Power GmbH
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M: +43 664 88 72 50 01
E: b.schober@irmapower.com


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